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AIO-3399ProC Six-core High-performance Al Main Board with Bundles

AIO-3399ProC Six-core High-performance Al Main Board with Bundles

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Operating System

Six-core High-performance Al Main Board
It runs on Rockchip RK3399Pro high-performance Al processor with built-in neural network unit (NPU), supports multiple Al development tools and interfaces, and has rich expansion interfaces and powerful hardware encoding and decoding abilities, which can be applied to Al industry easily. 

- 12V PSU, USB Type-C and Antenna
- As above plus 128GB USB Stick, USB UART Module and Heat Sink
- As above plus 1080P Camera, GPS, 16GB TF card, 4G Module and 10.1" Monitor


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  • RK3399Pro Six-core High-performance Processor

    Rockchip RK3399Pro processor adopts the architecture of dual-core Cortex-A72 and quad-core Cortex-A53 with its frequency up to 1. 8GHz, showing an ultra-strong general-purpose computing performance. Quad-core ARM high-end GU Mali-T860 integrates more bandwidth compression techniques and therefore has an excellent overall performance.

  • NPU With Ultra-strong Al Performance

    Al0-3399ProC can directly adopt TensorFlow/Caffe/Mxnet general-purpose model and provides Al development tools like model transformation and end-to-side API. It also supports the development interfaces of Android NN API, RKNN cross-platform API and TensorFlow.

  • Powerful Hardware Decoding Capability

    It supports various display and output interfaces including HDMI 2.0, MIP|-DSl, eDP and dual LVDS. It also supports dual-screen identical display/dual-screen differential display, showing powerful hardware encoding and decoding abilities. Besides, and supports 4K VP9, 4K 10bits H265/H264, 1080P multi-format (VC-1. MPEG-1/2/4, VP8) video decoding and 1080P (H. 264/VP8 format) video encoding.

  • Highly-efficient and Stable Hardware

    It supports CAN bus data communications with highly-efficient real-time, farther transmission distance and stronger anti-electromagnetic interference ability. It configures independent external hardware watchdog and makes the device work continuously in the unmanned state which better promotes the system's stability.

  • Support Dual MIP| Cameras

    With dual MIP| CSI interfaces and inbuilt dual ISP, supporting single 13 Mpixel or dual 8Mpixel at the maximum. It can achieve the simultaneous input of dual-camera data and supports high-level processing like gesture detection, deep detection and 3D.

  • Support Multiple OS

    With stable and reliable performance. Al0-3399ProC supports multiple operating systems including Android, Linux+QT and Ubuntu.

  • Rich Expansion Interfaces

    On-board 12C, SPI, UART, ADC, PNM, GPIO, PCIe, USB3. 0, R$232, RS485, 12S (supporting 8 -way digital microphone array input ) and other interfaces. It supports the power supply mode of POE+ (802.3 AT, 30M output power)

  • Various Product Forms

    A10-3399ProC can be equipped with an industrial metal case and 10.1-inch IPS HD multipoint touching screen which is integrated into high-performance application PC. It can also be equipped with industrial case independently and embedded into all kinds of smart devices flexibly.