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CAM-C1109S2U - Intelligent Dual-Lens Camera Module

CAM-C1109S2U - Intelligent Dual-Lens Camera Module

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Intelligent Dual-Lens Camera Module
WR Dual-Lens Camera Module, equipped with high-performance Al intelligent vision processor, has powerful Al computing performance,
supports various Al frameworks and human detection with high recognition accuracy. It is suitable for face recognition, gate access control,
gesture recognition, expression recognition, face attribute analysis, etc. Abundant resources facilitate secondary development and help the
project to be implemented quickly.

Dual-core Al vision processor
Low-consumption Al vision processor RV1 109, with 14nm lithography process and dual-core 32-bit ARM Cortex-A7 architecture, integrates NEON and FPU - the frequency is up to 1.5GHz. It supports FastBoot, TrustZone technology and multiple crypto engines.

Powerful Al computing performance
Built-in neural network orocessor NPU with computing power up to 1.2 Tops realizes that the power consumotion of Al computing is less than 10% of the oower required by the GPU. With tools and supporting Al algorithms provided, It supports direct conversion and deoloymen of tensorflow, PyTorch. Caffe. MxNet. DarkNet, ONNX. etc

HDR+ WDR dual-lens
with built-in 3F-HDR ISP, multi-level noise reduction, 3F-HDR, and other technologies, it is equipped with dual-lens 2M (RGB+IR) WDR camera; it not only meets the scenes of strong light, backlight and darkness , but also realizes human detection and anti-spoofing functions of face recognition.

Efficient recognition, high accuracy
The module provides face recognition algorithms and supports face database up to 100,000 capacity; mask-on face recognition, human detection and face comparison are supported - with efficient recognition speed the recognition accuracy rate over 99.7.

2K H.265 encoding & decoding
Built-in Video CODEC supports 2K H.254/H.265@30FPS and multi-channel video encoding and decoding, meeting the needs of low bit rate, low-latency encodinq, perceptual encoding and making the video occupancy smaller.

Master & slave integration
It can be used as a USB device to output visual processing data and images to the computer; or can be used as an IPCAM monitoring and identification front end to
connect to the NVR through the network port; and also can be connected to a 1080P screen through MIPI to make a face recognition or an Al vision terminal.

Small size, easy to integrate
Equipped with all-aluminum alloy shell, the space-saving module has efficient heat dissipation and can be flexibly embedded in various Al products.

Abundant resources for customization
A complete 5DK, Including cross compiler toolchain, B5P source code, application development environment, development documents, examples and other resources, is provided for the users to make a further customization.

It is widely used in face recognition, gesture recognition, gate access control, smart security, smart IP camera, smart doorbell/cat eye, self-service terminals, smart finance, smart construction, smart travel and other industries.

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