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CAM-C1126S2U - Intelligent Dual-Lens Camera Module ROM 1GB + RAM 8GB

CAM-C1126S2U - Intelligent Dual-Lens Camera Module ROM 1GB + RAM 8GB

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Intelligent Dual-Lens Camera Module
Equipped with high-performance quad-core Al intelligent vision processor with computing power up to 2.0Tops, the module supports 4K video coding and decoding, various Al frameworks and human detection with high recognition accuracy - it is suitable for face recognition, gate access control, gesture recognition, expression recognition, face attribute analysis, etc. Abundant resources facilitate secondary development and help the project to be implemented quickly.

Quad-core Al vision processor
Low-consumption Al vision processor RV1126, with 14nm lithography process and quad-core 32-bit ARM Cortex-A7 architecture, integrates NEON and FPU - the frequency is up to 1.5GHz. It supports FastBoot, TrustZone technology and multiple crypto engines.

Various Al frameworks
Built-in neural network processor NPU with computing power up to 2.0 Tops realizes that the oower consumption of Al computing is less than 10% of the power required by the GPU. With tools and supporting Al algorthms provided, it supports direct conversion and deployment on Tensorflow, PyTorch, Caffe, MXNet, DarkNet, ONXX etc

HDR+ WDR dual-lens
with built-in 3F-HDR ISP, multi-level noise reduction, 3F-HDR, and other technologies, it is equipped with dual-lens 2M (RGB+IR) WDR camera; it not only meets the scenes of strong light, backlight and darkness , but also realizes human detection and anti spoofing functions of face recognition.

4K H.265 encoding & decoding
Built-in Video CODEC supports 4K H.254/H.265@30FPS and multi-channel video encoding and decoding, meeting the needs of low bit rate, low-latency encoding, perceptual encoding and making the video occupancy smaller.

Master & slave integration
It can be used as a USB device to output visual processing data and images to the computer; or can be used as an IPCAM monitoring and identification
front end to connect to the NVR through the network port; and also can be connected to a 1080P screen through MIPI to make a face recognition or an Al vision terminal.

Small size, easy to integrate
Equipped with all-aluminum alloy shell, the space-saving module has efficient heat dissipation and can be flexibly embedded in various Al products.

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