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Cluster Server R1

Cluster Server R1

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Cluster Server R1
As a standard 1U rack-mounted server based on ARM architecture, it builds a multi-core Al acceleration cluster platform by means of multi-core board combination, has super computing power, and provides standard hardware and software interfaces, supporting Docker, suitable for edge computing, cloud gaming, virtual desktop and other scenarios.

Multi-core Processors
Supporting up to 11pcs RK3399 six-core 64-bit core board, with 1.8GHz processor performance of up to 66 cores.

Flexible Configuration
Supporting complete series of Firefly JD4 core boards. You can choose 1 ~ 11 different quantity, performance and configuration of the core boards for cluster computing, to meet the needs of more application scenarios.

Super Computing Power
JD4 core boards with NPU (Al accelerator) are optional, with computing power up to 2.8 Tops, which can be combined into an Al cluster server with super high computing power.

Supporting Multiple OS
Supporting to run Android and Linux operating systems, with stable and reliable operation.

Integrated MC management system
Supporting BMC(Baseboard Management Controller ) management system, which can manage the running status of the server locally and remotely. supports a visual console interface, and enables easy configuration management, hardware management and troubleshooting of the server.

Standard 1U Rack-mounted Server
Equipped with a standard 1U rack-mounted server case, which has a galvanized panel with black frosted surface of solid structure, built-in multiple heat dissipation fans of 10000 RPM, which enables highly efficient heat dissipation for long-time stable operation.

Diversified Interfaces
It has extension interfaces, such as Gigabit Ethernet x4, HDMI2.0, USB2.0 x2, type-C, and can extend to a 3.5-inch hard disk (hot-plug), supporting 4G-LTE function.

Cloud Gaming
It adopts advanced ARM cloud technology to virtualize multiple cloud mobile phones for multiple games. It can support 7x24h non-stop running of games without occupying local resources and runs stably for a long time.

Multi-channel video codec
Its distributed cloud architecture supports access to multi-channel cameras. As each core board can encode and decode 10 channels simultaneously, it enables a maximum of more than 100 channels. It supports H265/H264, MPEG-1/2/4 and other video protocols for unified monitoring, management and storage of video footage, enabling a diversified layout.

Virtual Desktop
It adopts desktop virtualization technology to provide multiple cloud desktops for centralized data management to ensure data security, and build an intelligent information operation environment, suitable for enterprise offices, research and development centers, cloud classrooms for learning, hospital outpatient services and other scenarios.

It is widely applied in cloud computing, cloud gaming, multiple applications (multiple network broadcasts, multiple mobile games), multi-channel video encoding and decoding, cloud storage, block chain, virtual desktop and other scenarios.

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