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Core-3308Y IoT Quad-Core 64-bit Core Board

Core-3308Y IoT Quad-Core 64-bit Core Board

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Operating System

This Rockchip RK3308 loT Quad-Core 64-bit Core Board is a small-scale high-performance device running at up to 1.3GHz. With superb display capabilities and support for rich smart speech services you have huge scope for developing voice applications and services.. It has a numerous expansion interfaces for interfacing sensors and communication technology. The open SDK provides the ideal platform for developers and engineers to rapidly test and develop new products.

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  • loT Quad-Core 64-bit Core Board

    As a small-scale high-performance loT core board, Core-3308Y adopts 136 pin stamp hole design and is equipped with Rockchip RK3308 that is dedicated loT processor. It supports multiple operating svstems, speech systems and services, as well as has rich expansion interfaces and strong display drive capability.

  • Cost-effective loT Processor

    It is equipped with loT processor RK3308 which is based on ARM 4-core 64-bit Cortex-A35 and frequency up to 1.3GHz. It also integrates high-performance Codec and Hardware VAD. Compared with common loT Microcontroller (MC), RK3308 processor is featured by the substantial improvement of performance.

  • Strong Display Capability

    With strong display drive capability. it supports RGB/MCU screen (up to 720P).
    It is suitable for displav application scenarios such as smart home, home gateway, human-machine interface, and industrial control.

  • Support Multiple OS

    With stable and reliable performance. Core-3308Y supports multiple operating systems such as Buildroot, Linux + MiniGUI/QT, and ROS (Robot Operating System).

  • Rich Smart Speech Services

    It supports up to 8-channel microphone array, and multiple speech systems and services such as Baidu DuerOS, AlSpeech, iFLYTEK, and Amazon Alexa. Rich services support enable to help the fast realization of smart voice products.

  • Small-scale Core Board

    Equipped with 136 pin stamped hole intertace allowss fast data transmission and great expansion 45mm x 40.2mn it is beneficial to save more space.

  • Stable And Reliable

    PC adopts 6-layer immersion gold technology, corrosion resistant, the working temperature is 0°C^60°C and supports the long-time stable operation. High-quality components are employed by the core board, ensuring its stable operation.

    GEH6 It also can be widely used in different smart products.

  • Rich Expansion Interfaces

    With multiple expansion interfaces such as PWNMX11 (including multiplexing), I2CX4, UARTX5, SPIX1, 125 X1, ADCX6, LineOut, and digital audio interface (8CH 12S/TDM x 2, 8CH PDM. 2CH 12S/PCM). It also sup- ports modules such as acceleration sensor, temperature humidity sensor. distance sensor GPRS and NB-IOT.

  • Open SDK

    Equipped source code. tutorial, technical materials. and development tools are provided, making development easier and more convenient.

  • Application

    It can be widely used in I0T, intelligent voice interaction, audio input/output processing scenarios such as speech recognition, smart home, home gateway, Intelligent sweeping robot and speech recognition translators.