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iHC-3308GW Industrial 4G Smart Gateway

iHC-3308GW Industrial 4G Smart Gateway

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Operating System

The 4G Smart Gateway designed for industrial environment, is equipped with quad-core 64-bit processor RK3308B dedicated to loT. The RK3308B supports:

- 4G LTE
- NB-loT
- LoRa communications (optional)
- dual 100M Ethernet ports
- R5485
- CANbus
- RS232 interfaces
- Ubuntu 18.04
- Buildroot (Linux)

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  • iHC-3308GW Industrial 4G Smart Gateway

    The 4G Smart Gateway designed for industrial environment, is equipped with quad-core 64-bit processor RK3308B dedicated to loT. It fully supports 4G LTE, NB-loT, and LoRa communications, and has dual 100M Ethernet ports, R5485, CAN, R$232 interfaces; it also supports Chinese commercial cryptography algorithms. The smart gateway can be widely used in industrial fields such as industrial 4G routers. loT. and automation systems.

  • Low-power quad-core loT processor

    Rockchip RK3308B loT processor, with quad-core 64-bit Cortex-A35 core and main frequency up to 1.3GHz, is high-performance and low-power. Compared with the traditional loT processor's So architecture, this processor is smaller, with the power consumption reduced by 32% while the efficiency increased by 25%.

  • Wireless communication support

    The smart gateway suoports 4G LTE Cat1 wireless communication module. which can realize seamless connection to any operator's 4G network. Supporting NB-IOT communication. Global frequencv band B1/B3/B5/B8/B20/828 and so on. it is fast and low-power. It also supports industrial-grade long-distance LoRa communication at 868MHz, and the outdoor line-of-sight communication distance is up to 8km. featuring long-distance communication and high stability, etc

  • Dual RJ45 Ethernet Ports

    Dual RJ45 Ethernet ports with speed up to 100Mbps, are suitable for industrial control equipment, industrial control and other uses.

  • Abundant interfaces

    It provides multiple communication interfaces like RS485, CAN, RS232, and provides relay and opto-isolator V/O, which can meet the needs of different applications.

  • MQTT protocol supported

    Modbus standard industrial protocol to MQTT protocol is possible; Alibaba Cloud and other private cloud are supported. The smart gateway is suitable for loT PLC data acquisition and equipment control.

  • Chinese commercial cryptography algorithms

    The onboard PSAM card slot is convenient for the system to integrate the PSAM card. It has type approval, powerful data encryption and decryption functions - providing excellent-performance DES/3DES, AES, SHA, RSA, ECC, and Chinese commercial cryptography algorithms SM1/SM2/ SM3/SM4 and others.

  • Buildroot and Ubuntu 18.04 supported

    Supporting Buildroot (Linux) embedded system and Ubuntu 18.04 system.

  • Various applications

    It is widely used in industrial 4G routers, loT, loV, smart factories, industrial automation systems, climate and geological monitoring, building access control systems, smart charging pile remote monitoring and other industrial fields.