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IPC-M10R800-A3399C Six-core Industry Panel Computer

IPC-M10R800-A3399C Six-core Industry Panel Computer

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Operating System

IPC-M10R800-A3399C Six-core Industry Panel Computer
Based on AIO-3399C high-performance open source platform and adopts capacitive 10-point touch screen, full-view HD display and industrial-grade enclosure, dustproof, anti-jamming and capable of long-term stable operation. Moreover, it supports 4K hardware acceleration, dual-screen identical display/dual-screen differential display and has rich interface for easy connection at various industrial equipment.

Six-core 64-bit Strong Core
It is equipped with ARM Cortex-A72 architecture, six-core 64-bit high-performance processor, frequency up to 2.0GHz, integrates quad-core Mali-T860 GPU, supports H.265 HEVC and VP9, H.264 encoding, 4K HDR, and has the maximum support of 4K hardware decoding.

IPS high-end Screen
It adopts 10.1-inch IPS high-end screen of 800 x 1280 resolution, supports dual-screen identical display/dual-screen differential display and full-view HD display with fine color saturation and high-quality HD image.

Capacitive 10-point Touch
G+G capacitive touch screen, supporting 10-point touch, high sensitive, stable and reliable.

High-quality Metal Case
Equipped with industrial grade metal case, fanless design, dustproof, shockproof, anti jamming, anti-aging wear, effective cooling design, high-temperature resistance. It can long-term stable work.

Open Source
Provides source code, tutorials, technical materials and development tools for easy download and use.

Rich interfaces
It has rich interfaces such as LAN, HDMI, Type-C, RS485, RS232, etc., which is convenient for connecting various industrial equipment to meet various application scenarios.

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